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Thanks for hiring us to be your social media experts! Here’s how you may add us to manage your LinkedIn Company Page. We need to be connections on LinkedIn to make this work. Here are our profiles so you may send us a connection request:

Kristen Haley on LinkedIn

Liran Baron on LinkedIn

Now you’re going to need to go to your page on LinkedIn. You can find the companies that you are following here. If you need to create your company, here’s the link to visit.

From that screen, you should see a space where you can manage the pages you own on the right widget side of the page. Click right on your company page then click the blue edit button at the top of your page. Keep in mind, you must be an admin to access this functionality.

zomalo linkedin tutorialThis will bring you to a page where you can see your Overview and the Admins. You need to be connected to the person whom you’re adding to your page admins. Start typing in our names so that we may manage your LinkedIn Page.

Let us know if you run into any issues and hope to see you on LinkedIn!

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