Google Calendar Appointment Slots: Automate Scheduling

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google calendar appointment slots

Wouldn’t it be nifty if your clients and prospects were able to easily block out some time with you? If you use Google Apps for Business or Education, you can save time and streamline the process with Google Calendar Appointment Slots!

Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education currently support this free add-on. Appointment Slots creates a new view of your Google Calendar that only shows slots of time you define. Unfortunately, this function is not available to personal Gmail users, but there are other options out there for you. Comment/ask below, and I will create you a new post! 🙂

Make it easier for your leads to book with Google Calendar Appointment Slots!

Want to alleviate the time it takes to call someone to book an appointment? Add a link to your email footer so people may book time with you easily. Once a time is booked, that slot cannot be booked by future visitors, and it will show up in your calendar automagically.

Google Calendar Appointment SlotsGetting started

First, make sure you have a Google Apps account. You won’t be able to proceed with the Gmail client. Log into your calendar. This time, when you click to add an event, you click the appointment block link. I honestly never knew this existed until I started doing some research on paid plugins and 3rd party softwares that could tie into our website. Your $5 per month per user Google Apps account does a lot more than just get emails.

Now, this is great if you’re a sole proprietor and don’t have a team to also check conflicts. Also, this feature can only be used by folks with a Google Calendar account. Bookers will need to sign into their Google Calendar account to view and interact with your appointment booking page, so keep that in mind… Try it out now 🙂

Additional Google Calendar tips:

  • google calendar appointment slots timezoneFix yo time zone. You should mention to people who are visiting your site to book that if they have not yet set their timezone in their Google Calendar, it will default to Pacific.
    • Go to
    • Click the widget, then go to Settings/Your current time zone and fix it!
  • Google For Work has an official blog you can follow and find tips about some of their amazing features offered within Google Labs and straight out of box. I’m always finding shiny new time-saving productivity tools for my Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.
  • Lifehacker put together a sweet list of some of the other cool things you can do with Google Calendar.

Do you have any tidbits of knowledge you’d like to share or any questions on Google Calendar appointment slots? Please feel free to feed me some juicy #GoogleHacks


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