Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs – Part II – Moz vs. Buzzsumo

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This is a continuation of our ongoing commentary on the best productivity apps for entrepreneurs. In our previous blog post, we discussed and compared Hubspot vs. Buffer. In this article, we will compare two more productivity apps: Moz and Buzzsumo. Now, you can request contact from us, or keep reading for some helpful tips…

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Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs – What is Moz?

Moz is an industry leading productivity app. Moz provides an easy to use interface where all the data you need to make smart SEO choices is at your fingertips. Their focus is primarily on inbound marketing. For those of you who may not know, inbound marketing is the process of promoting business through social media, internet search engines, pay-per-click advertising, and other forms of content marketing to direct leads (potential customers) into your sales funnel.

In short, a successful inbound marketing campaign is not an easy thing to do. This is where Moz comes in. Moz is a productivity app that offers up a ton of useful tools to help you achieve success through inbound marketing. Highlighted by a powerful keyword explorer, Moz allows users to locate trending keywords based on search volume, popularity, potential, difficulty, and opportunity. Users can then turn a heavily searched keyword into a successful blog post or social media article. Consider it the online thesaurus of keywords.

Productivity Apps Entrepreneurs Moz

Here are some additional tools the Moz productivity app provides:

  1. Open Site Explorer – Research and compare backlinks with competitors for intelligent, targeted link building. Identify top pages, view social activity data, and analyze anchor text.
  2. Followerwonk – Take a deep dive into your Twitter analytics. Analyze and segment your followers, compare users, and find out how to engage your audience. Sort by location, tweet times, and even influencers in your line of business.
  3. MozBar – View link metrics, analyze page elements and SERP results, and access your favorite SEO tools in-line while you browse the web. Available for both Chrome and Firefox.
  4. Moz Local – Check your U.S. business listings on Google+ Local and other prominent local search engines—then see how you can improve them.
  5. MozCast – Track day-to-day fluctuations (displayed as a weather forecast) in Google SEO rankings. MozCast is your daily “weather report” showing potential turbulence or clear skies in the Google algorithm.

We should also point out that there are two different versions of the Moz productivity app: the free and the pro versions. The pro version of Moz (obviously) offers up a few more tools. Included in the pro version: Rank Tracker, On-Page Grader, Crawl Test, as well as access to live customer support.

So the question is, should you invest in the Moz Pro productivity app? The short answer is: it depends. Moz pro is treasure trove of tools that can take your inbound marketing to the next level. There is no doubt that putting the Moz pro tools into the hands of the right person is a game-changer. However, it basically requires a part-time employee to manage, and therein lies the problem. Most entrepreneurs that are just starting out simply don’t have the human resources to dedicate to utilizing Moz to its full potential.

But why not decide for yourself if the Moz Pro productivity app is right for you? Just click here to start your free trial.

Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs – What is Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo is another extremely powerful online productivity app. This tool allows just about any user to find popular and trending content. It also allows users to find specific content on a given website. In the realm of content marketing, this is a critical piece to the puzzle.

In short, content marketing is the process of providing resource-rich and helpful information to your customers, both on your company website and through various social media outlets. This is generally in the form of a blog, posted on a consistent basis, in an effort to drive traffic to your website and into your sales funnel.

The problem that entrepreneurs face (and it’s one we see all the time) is that you can’t fill your blog or website with just anything and everything, expecting to draw in potential clients. You need to plan out and cherry-pick the absolute best content that is currently relevant to your target customer demographic. Most importantly, you must create content that appeals to the most current topics. Think about a customer Googling a topic. If your information is dated, forget about being near the top of the search.

Knowing the topics your potential clients are talking about is a critical piece of information. It allows you to find and provide the content that people want, right now. However, without the right productivity app, it can take hours scanning various social media sites to find out what people are talking about and what their concerns and needs are. Enter Buzzsumo and it’s powerful trending-content machine.
Buzzsumo allows users to input URL’s, adjust search parameters, analyze content, and find out what is already being talked about in your area of expertise. This can prove to be priceless to an entrepreneur.

Here are some additional tools the Buzzsumo productivity app provides:

  1. Trending Now Research: Quickly find which articles and topics are trending across several outlets by the hour or day. Filters by subject, source type, and social media platform. Save searches for quick reference.
  2. Most Shared Articles: Search by keyword, filter by media type, date range, country, or even language.
  3. Backlink Analyzer: Simply type in a domain or URL and see who is linking to that source. Great for finding influencers and broadcasters in your industry.
  4. Influencers Tab: Quickly find influencers in a particular sphere based on Twitter statistics. Sort by total followers, retweet ratio, or even reply ratio.

This should make sense to you. Think about it in these terms: good content that no one is searching for is not valuable. You need quality content that is both in-demand and trending now! This is where the Buzzsumo productivity app excels.

Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs – Moz vs. Buzzsumo?

These two productivity apps are actually the perfect complement to each other. First, you’d utilize Moz’ incredibly powerful keyword finder to see which topics pose the best opportunity for your blog. Then you’d use Buzzsumo to find similarly trending content that you need to share now to draw leads. Be sure to check backlinks and influencers of the subject. Finally, you’d go back to Moz to evaluate the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. These two apps help supplement each other and help provide you with current subject matter that ensures solid SEO results.

Using these two productivity apps in concert with each other will, without a doubt, give you an unrivaled advantage over their competition. The power of highly searched keywords and trending content are now at your fingertips with these two productivity apps.

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