Live-Streaming on Social Media: What You Need to Know

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 Just when you thought you got a handle on creating content on social media, live-streaming enters the picture. Since 2015, social media platforms have pivoted towards airing content with live-streaming in an effort to increase app engagement. Live-stream users have shared a variety of experiences with the digital universe such as traveling across the globe, attending professional conferences or sitting … Read More

Drive Growth with a North Star Metric

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Drive Growth with a North Star Metric

I’ve been reaching out to business leaders to ask them about their North Star metric. The North Star metric is defined by Sean Ellis as: This is the one metric that everyone in the company should be striving to improve. Facebook, Twitter, and other successful companies have used this approach of having one principle metric that everyone pushes towards. Facebook … Read More

#QuickTip: Facebook Developer Debug: WordPress Website Title Fix When You Share on Facebook

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Here’s a quick little Facebook Developer Debug tip! If anybody else is having an issue with the “Just another WordPress site” text showing up when you try to share your new website on social media, I figured this was worth noting. When you update the “Just another WordPress site” text on the back end of your website… Navigate to your … Read More

Trending 📈: How to use Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Business

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I ::hope:: chatbots will never replace human interaction… But, (getting a little technical here) “contextual automation” can be set up with simple if/then logic to answer pre-sales and support FAQs, so you may have more meaningful conversations with your better informed prospects, once they are ready to talk to a human. Chatbots are the present state of sales & marketing … Read More

Setting Up Social Media Accounts for Your Business

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How to Set Up Social Media Accounts for Your Business

Social media accounts are incredible marketing tools for your business when set-up correctly and well utilized. There are so many reasons why social media marketing matters, let alone why online marketing is important for your business, that it’s difficult to dismiss online marketing as a fad.  Setting up social media accounts for your business doesn’t take long, but it is essential … Read More

How to Use Instagram for Business

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With all of the social media platforms constantly changing and new platforms constantly emerging, it can be intimidating for business owners to choose the right social media marketing platforms for their organization. Although Facebook and LinkedIn are typically top choices for brands to build a digital presence, it’s time to consider using Instagram for business. Instagram at a Glance Launched in … Read More

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A CRM System

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Customers in a coffeeshop CRM system important for business

In case you haven’t noticed, today’s marketplace is drastically different than the one we were dealing with just a few short years ago. Heck, it was only a couple of years ago when mobile devices began to outsell desktops. It’s been even shorter still, since mobile devices over took desktops for search engine queries. In short, everything is going mobile … Read More

The Four Pillars of An Effective Marketing Platform

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White pillars for the marketing platform

William E. Deming once said; “what can be measured can be managed.” Thankfully, in today’s new online marketing world, just about everything can be measured. Even better? The data is at your fingertips in a matter of seconds. But most small to medium sized businesses don’t have an effective marketing platform that allows them to capture, measure or use all … Read More