Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs – Part I – HubSpot vs. Buffer

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Productivity Apps Entrepreneurs

You’re an entrepreneur (or on your way). Therefore, you know just how precious your time is. You simply can’t waste your time on mundane tasks. You need to improve your efficiency and still make sure the job gets done. The best way to do that is to use productivity apps designed for entrepreneurs. Two such productivity apps you should know … Read More

The Battle of Alesia – Business Lessons From Julius Caesar’s Greatest Victory

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The Battle of Alesia - Business Lessons From Julius Caesar's Greatest Victory

The battle of Alesia, is considered by many to be Julius Caesar’s greatest military victory. Caught between two enemy armies, outnumbered by as many as five to one, Caesar emerges victorious. After 8 years, this victory marked the end of the Gallic wars and gave Rome dominion over all of Gaul. The battle of Alesia also provides business owners with … Read More

Leverage LinkedIn Groups for Lead Generation

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LinkedIn is now the world’s largest professional network. In fact, in 2011 alone, LinkedIn grew by two new members every second. So smart business owners and smart sales people know how to best leverage LinkedIn for their benefit. One of the best platforms for lead generation on LinkedIn is the LinkedIn Groups platform.

The Shackleton Expedition – Business Lessons Learned Conquering The Impossible

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The Shackleton Expedition - Business Lessons Learned From Conquering The Impossible

And so begins the incredible story of the Shackleton Expedition. An early 1900’s Antarctic explorer who along with his team defied the odds after 497 days stranded in Antarctic conditions. The official name of the Shackleton Expedition was the “Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.” The goal: cross the Antarctic continent on a 1,800 mile journey. From the onset, the expedition was plagued … Read More

How to be Mentally Strong: 4 Steps

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You’re wondering how to be mentally strong… Are you born tough? Is toughness forged over time? The Spartans… they were tough as nails. Children with schizophrenic parents whom did not suffer mental illness are mentally strong. Holocaust survivors are mentally strong. Navy Seals, definitely mentally strong. But what makes you mentally strong? Unfortunately, there is no formal research examining the … Read More

Night Owl vs. Early Bird – Who Really Gets the Worm?

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Night Owl vs. Early Bird – Who Really Gets the Worm

It’s a typical weekday night… you finished your tasks for the day. You’ve had dinner, and hell, maybe even got your heart rate up for 20 minutes. You answered all the phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media messages from friends (and others). It’s around 11pm. What do you do? Are you tired? Or, do you find yourself still … Read More