Leverage LinkedIn Groups for Lead Generation

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LinkedIn is now the world’s largest professional network. In fact, in 2011 alone, LinkedIn grew by two new members every second. So smart business owners and smart sales people know how to best leverage LinkedIn for their benefit. One of the best platforms for lead generation on LinkedIn is the LinkedIn Groups platform.

The Shackleton Expedition – Business Lessons Learned Conquering The Impossible

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The Shackleton Expedition - Business Lessons Learned From Conquering The Impossible

And so begins the incredible story of the Shackleton Expedition. An early 1900’s Antarctic explorer who along with his team defied the odds after 497 days stranded in Antarctic conditions. The official name of the Shackleton Expedition was the “Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.” The goal: cross the Antarctic continent on a 1,800 mile journey. From the onset, the expedition was plagued … Read More

How to be Mentally Strong: 4 Steps

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You’re wondering how to be mentally strong… Are you born tough? Is toughness forged over time? The Spartans… they were tough as nails. Children with schizophrenic parents whom did not suffer mental illness are mentally strong. Holocaust survivors are mentally strong. Navy Seals, definitely mentally strong. But what makes you mentally strong? Unfortunately, there is no formal research examining the … Read More

Define Inbound Marketing for Humans

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define inbound marketing for humans

Many marketing professionals are fond of saying that a business has only one chance to stage a grand opening celebration – a one-time opportunity to attract, entice, inspire and win over new “inbound” customers. Ironically, businesses can reap many of these benefits every day – and not just during a grand opening, new product launch or other special event, every … Read More

Writers Block Help: 7 Tips To Get You Writing Again

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We all get writers block. I, unfortunately, have been experiencing it more recently, if you can’t tell. Is it because of the warmer weather? Is it because I tend to make up every excuse to keep me from writing? Recently, I set out to find some new forms of writers block help to ease my own problems. Disclaimer: These tips have nothing to do with any … Read More