How to Create a Facebook Event Page for Your Business

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Facebook events are an awesome and #FREE way to let your friends and Facebook page fans know about any public event that your business is hosting or promoting. Here’s how you can create a Facebook Event Page for your Business. Events are *great* for: sales contests networking events fundraisers concerts Did you know that there are different kinds of events? It’s not a good idea to wander … Read More

Social Media Contest Ideas: Thank Somebody

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Thanking people in your life who give you help and support is incredibly uplifting. The reason behind why we give thanks isn’t quite as important as the fact that we probably don’t say “thank you” nearly as much as we should. So, in this growth tactic, we want to help your fans thank the special people in their lives.

Add us as a Manager of your Google Business Page

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Again, thanks much for letting us curate your Social Media content 🙂 Here’s a quick tutorial for adding us as a manager on your Google+ Place Page. Firstly, navigate to your Google Pages. You MUST be signed in as the main owner of the page in order for this to work. Here, you should be able to find the page … Read More

Add us as a Designated Admin on your LinkedIn Company Page

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Thanks for hiring us to be your social media experts! Here’s how you may add us to manage your LinkedIn Company Page. We need to be connections on LinkedIn to make this work. Here are our profiles so you may send us a connection request: Kristen Haley on LinkedIn Liran Baron on LinkedIn Now you’re going to need to go to … Read More

Add us as an Admin on your Facebook Company Page

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Thanks once again for letting us be your Social Media company! Here’s a super quick article as to how to add us as a Facebook Page Admin. We’re going to need to be Facebook friends in order for this to work. Here is the Zomalo profile so you may send us a friend request: Zomalo Saccount on Facebook Next, navigate … Read More

Where do I start? 6 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Beginners

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First of all, I’m going to let you in on my little secret. I get A LOT of my business from LinkedIn, so I figured, why not curate a couple of LinkedIn Profile Tips for my friends? I have in all honesty been found by leads and ultimately clients from all over the globe from a degree or two of separation just from adding every … Read More

How to Tag a Photo on Facebook Fan Pages

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A long time ago… Well not too long ago, but I’d say that it at least sometimes dauntingly feels like a galaxy far, far away–Facebook allowed you to easily tag your friends in your business page’s shared photos. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as opening up the photo in it’s organic state from your page’s wall and tagging your friend. You … Read More

Twitter Profile Photo Size: Design a Better Twitter Profile to Target the Right Leads For Your Business (Updated 4.18.2017)

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There are many things you can do with your Twitter profile photo size, and your whole profile to that matter, to make it more attractive for human consumption and for targeting your potential customers. Here are some tips and tricks to help you devise a great Twitter Profile for your personal brand or business. Why are we doing this again? Twitter has over 300 Million users. Active … Read More