Catch That Whale! How Marketing Automation Software Can Optimize Fishing for New Clients (Data)

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Successful fishermen tell tales of the biggest fish and how they catch them. They know what each fish loves to eat, where they live, what they do in their spare time… They know everything about their potential catch. It does not stop there. The best read up on trends and teach themselves the newest techniques to make them even better.

Success comes by learning from the best then implementing and improving strategies that work… The bravest sail to the deepest most dangerous waters where few others dare to fish. Read more…

7.5 Reasons You Should Be Using Linkedin for Business

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Dontcha just love LinkedIn? It’s the space where your professional connections unite. I’ve honestly gotten clients from all over the world by connecting with anybody who hands me a business card or shoots me an email. The power behind this social medium as a tool grows stronger when you start paying attention to all the sweet LinkedIn for Business tools. Then can you really start to open up the floodgate to potential leads clicking through to … Read More

How to Create a Facebook Event Page for Your Business

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Facebook events are an awesome and #FREE way to let your friends and Facebook page fans know about any public event that your business is hosting or promoting. Here’s how you can create a Facebook Event Page for your Business. Events are *great* for: sales contests networking events fundraisers concerts Did you know that there are different kinds of events? It’s not a good idea to wander … Read More

Social Media Contest Ideas: Thank Somebody

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Thanking people in your life who give you help and support is incredibly uplifting. The reason behind why we give thanks isn’t quite as important as the fact that we probably don’t say “thank you” nearly as much as we should. So, in this growth tactic, we want to help your fans thank the special people in their lives.

Add us as a Manager of your Google Business Page

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Again, thanks much for letting us curate your Social Media content 🙂 Here’s a quick tutorial for adding us as a manager on your Google+ Place Page. Firstly, navigate to your Google Pages. You MUST be signed in as the main owner of the page in order for this to work. Here, you should be able to find the page … Read More

Add us as a Designated Admin on your LinkedIn Company Page

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Thanks for hiring us to be your social media experts! Here’s how you may add us to manage your LinkedIn Company Page. We need to be connections on LinkedIn to make this work. Here are our profiles so you may send us a connection request: Kristen Haley on LinkedIn Liran Baron on LinkedIn Now you’re going to need to go to … Read More