Drive Growth with a North Star Metric

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Drive Growth with a North Star Metric

I’ve been reaching out to business leaders to ask them about their North Star metric. The North Star metric is defined by Sean Ellis as: This is the one metric that everyone in the company should be striving to improve. Facebook, Twitter, and other successful companies have used this approach of having one principle metric that everyone pushes towards. Facebook … Read More

Trending 📈: How to use Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Business

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I ::hope:: chatbots will never replace human interaction… But, (getting a little technical here) “contextual automation” can be set up with simple if/then logic to answer pre-sales and support FAQs, so you may have more meaningful conversations with your better informed prospects, once they are ready to talk to a human. Chatbots are the present state of sales & marketing … Read More

How to Use Instagram for Business

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With all of the social media platforms constantly changing and new platforms constantly emerging, it can be intimidating for business owners to choose the right social media marketing platforms for their organization. Although Facebook and LinkedIn are typically top choices for brands to build a digital presence, it’s time to consider using Instagram for business. Instagram at a Glance Launched in … Read More

Top 5 Ways To Increase Online Leads With Your Blog

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Women researching how to increase online leads

Online leads, the Holy Grail of internet marketing. So many seek, so few find. So why is it that so many business owners miss the mark when it comes to generating significant quantities of “high-quality” online leads? In our experience, it’s because a large portion of businesses are failing to use their blogs efficiently or effectively. Let me explain. You … Read More

Marketing Mix: How Offline Marketing Can Drive Online Sales

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Old School Marketing Mix Tools That Still Work Warm Calling

In case you haven’t noticed, the marketing landscape is changing. With the advent of social media, more and more advertising dollars are being spent on social media marketing channels. However, smart business owners know the right marketing mix is the key to success. Old school marketing focuses on print, radio, and television. The old school of thought focused heavily on … Read More

Traffic and Conversions Optimization For Your WordPress Site

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Traffic and Conversions Optimization For Your WordPress Site

How your website looks isn’t quite as important as how it’s able to convert traffic to leads and customers. When we talk to new clients about traffic and conversions in relation to their website design, we always ask an important question that’s often overlooked. We ask whether their goal is to have the most beautiful website on the internet, or if their goal is to convert site visitors into leads, and ultimately leads into customers?

Generate Leads Online Using Respectful Popups

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Generate Leads Online with Respectful Popups

Popups, when executed properly, are a great tool to generate leads online. Now it is important to understand that I’m not referring to the annoying popups of the early 2000’s. The ones that opened 15 new browser windows when you were busy surfing MySpace while playing Texas hold’em in your Crocs. I’m talking about popups that silently and respectfully ask … Read More

Get 67% More Leads Online by Blogging

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get more leads online

Why should I be blogging to get leads online?
The biggest reason your business needs to incorporate blogging in your web marketing strategy is that data tells us companies that blog generated 67% more leads online. More leads equals more revenue for your company to continue to grow.