Looking to Generate Leads Online? A Website Is Not Enough

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Looking to Generate Leads Online? A Website Is Not Enough

Let’s assume you have the perfect website. It has everything a marketing team could dream of. It looks amazing! It has fancy animations, call to action buttons everywhere, and tons of customer love. Don’t get me wrong… that’s wonderful. But the real question is where is traffic coming from? What exactly are you doing to generate leads online?

Thank You for Your Email, Here’s Some Content Candy in Exchange :)

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Here’s my #ThanksgivingBlog. First of all, I’d like to give thanks for those of you who have taken the time to sign up for our email updates 🙂 We truly appreciate it and hope that we are adding value to your day to day marketing strategies. Thank you for your email 🙂

Are you properly thanking your prospects, customers or leads? A Thank You Page can help build more trust in the relationship you’re trying to cultivate with your potential customers!

What is a Thank You Page?

A thank you page is the redirect page that a person is taken to after they submit information on a form on your website. This page typically just thanks your new subscriber or lead for submitting their information, but it’s a much more powerful tool if you can tell them what they should do next!

Learn How to Capture 618% More Leads Online

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Capture leads online

With popups, that’s how. While we can debate the merits, ethics, and morality of popups all we want I’m more interested in the efficacy of popups. Regardless of your personal feelings towards popups, according to the data, popups flat out increase email signup conversion rates.

How to Get Leads Online 101–An Infographic

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Last week, Liran put together a great blog on how to get leads online. I decided to put together a handy dandy infographic so that anybody may make the visual connection 🙂 Some key takeaways: Cold calls are out, people aren’t picking up the phone to do business, they’re researching online Marketers are already seeing exponential positive ROI by blogging … Read More

Get Legal Leads by Ranking Organically for Divorce Law Web Searches on Google, Bing & Yahoo

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Attorney and Lawyer Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Full Immersion is important to become successful in getting more legal leads. When marketing your family law firm, targeted marketing should be important to you. By implementing a strategy that makes your presence known on the web and more specifically search engines, your practice can draw in more leads organically. Why SEO? SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as … Read More