3 Ways to Generate More Construction Leads For Your Business

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According to the Construction Marketing Association Blog, cold-calling/emails and trade shows account for 67% of construction leads.

That’s right. Aside from construction leads acquired without marketing, or through word-of-mouth, search engine optimization and advertising are only used by ONE-THIRD of construction business owners to create additional construction leads. You could be utilizing both through social media, with these three tips to generate potential leads for your construction business.

3 Ways to Generate Construction Leads through Construction Marketing3 Ways to Generate Construction Leads through Construction Marketing

According to the same survey, 23% of those contractors spend more than $50,000 annually on construction leads services. That’s a lot of dough. Did you know that you could set up your website to actively recruit construction leads for you, while you work?

With a little bit of help, and some re-tweaking of your website, you could be generating construction leads day and night. While you’re working, sleeping, and even while you’re on vacation! Let’s take a look at a few ways that you could generate leads for your business through construction marketing:

1. Create a construction (or homeowners) blog

A blog contains a series of simple informational articles – such as how to keep your drafty house warmer in the winter, gardening tips, or pet safety – the type of information that potential customers seek when they perform a Google search.

Businesses that employ a blog as a marketing tool attract 67% more construction leads and 55% more website visits.

Unless you’re utilizing these strategies, your construction website most likely sits there doing nothing, until a potential customer searches for your company on Google. The simple fact is, they probably don’t know the name of your company, or they’d have already called!

A quick search on Google provided several links to construction companies; the websites at the top of the list all had blogs. The key is to be found by potential customers (construction leads) and build rapport and trust with them. Prospective customers are aware of a problem and want to be informed, but more importantly, they want to trust the company they are seeking to hire.

What better way to create trust than to provide a potential customer with sound advice about something as precious to them as their home? According to a recent survey by Technorati, blogs are the 5th most trustworthy source of information on the web. behind only news sites, Facebook, retail sites, and YouTube.

2. Use the big four social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are all very valuable tools to help you generate and retain construction leads. If you already have a personal social media account, try setting one up for your business as well. Be sure to link them to your businesses website. According to Statista, more than 180 million Americans are on social media right now.

Of the five local construction companies we found in a Google search, only one had links on their website to any of these social media outlets. That company was also listed first on Google.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in the Q2 earnings report last year, that Americans spend 40 minutes per day on Facebook. The Facebook app allows a user to share relevant stories, pictures, links, or articles to a consumer base that chooses to “follow” that user. If your potential customers (construction leads) are thinking about doing work to their home, wouldn’t you want them seeing your company during their 40 minutes on Facebook each day?

With a steadily climbing number of people joining LinkedIn (number of users has doubled since Q3/2012 from 187 million to 380 million), there lies a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow professionals who share similar career paths and goals. With more than 200 conversations happening on LinkedIn Groups per minute, you can use LinkedIn as a tool to gather information for your expanding company. This gives you the ability to stay ahead of current trends, and remain up to date on new and improved construction marketing ideas and tricks.

Twitter is not only free and easy to use, it has the ability to reach a custom-tailored and specific grouping of “followers” each time you put out information. With over 316M users and 500M ‘tweets’ per day, Twitter allows users to find and send quick bits of information and info-graphics instantaneously.

Google+ is a great way to help bring traffic to your site by aiding your Google search engine ranking. While only 13% of U.S. small businesses use Google+, they reach 38% of the U.S. population with G+ posts. Google+ is also considered one of the best ways to rank your business higher in Google’s search engines, and help jump your page toward the top of Google search lists.

What to do with these social networking tools? Social media is a great way to build trust with prospects, gather page-views, and even help secure potential construction leads to visit your website. You can also provide helpful information to prospects and promote your page. After creating a blog post, you’ll want to promote it on these social networks. But don’t only post about yourself…

The rule of thumb is that for each self-serving post or tweet you make, you should share four other posts and tweets from another source. This will not only help validate what you are doing, but help your business make connections and draw traffic.

Keep in mind… if you want customers to make a future purchase, 50% of all mobile searches are conducted with intent to find local results; with 61% of those searches resulting in a purchase. So remember that your website needs to look good on mobile phones, too!

3. Call to action!

It is critical to retain interest after you’ve recruited potential construction leads to visit your website. The idea is to nurture your relationship, and direct a consumer toward taking another step after they read your blog post. You can do so by offering something free. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Tokens as simple and easy as free advice, a quotation, or consultation, can make a customers day and keep them coming back.

By offering something free in exchange for basic information – such as an email address and name – could help you secure a potential construction leads in the future, and give you a leg up on the competition. According to “Small Business Trends”, nearly 70% of websites do not have a call to action on each page. Without a CLEAR and CONCISE next step, most potential customers will simply end up wandering off your website without leaving any contact information or making a purchase.

The goal of a C.T.A. is simple: offer something that will get users to look, and then click on a particular offer or free service that you are promoting. Now you have the chance to educate, build trust, and create an opportunity for a future sale. Place a small “call to action” button at the bottom on your website and on each blog post.

In Summary:

  • Use blog posts to educate prospects, build trust, and bring traffic to your website.
  • Share useful information for your prospects to social media, as well as your own blog posts – remember – don’t oversell! The goal is to nurture prospective clients, and delight current and past customers.
  • Employ call to action buttons, and offer something your prospects want, in exchange for their contact information. Keep visitors from wanting to leave your website.
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