Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A CRM System

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In case you haven’t noticed, today’s marketplace is drastically different than the one we were dealing with just a few short years ago. Heck, it was only a couple of years ago when mobile devices began to outsell desktops. It’s been even shorter still, since mobile devices over took desktops for search engine queries. In short, everything is going mobile because users want information in the palm of their hands. And they want it now. All in all, you simply can’t ignore the benefits of using a CRM system (for those of you who don’t know, CRM stands for customer relationship management).

In today’s “on-demand” world it’s imperative that you implement a customer relationship management system for your online presence. It could literally mean the survival or death of your business. Let me explain.

Today’s digital world moves lightning fast. The days of letting a lead sit for a few days until you “get around to it” are over. If you don’t respond to your customers quickly, effectively and efficiently… I promise you, your competition will, and you will lose that lead.

With that being said, here are the top 6 reasons why your business needs a customer relationship management system.

A CRM System Will Grow and Sustain Your Business

Today’s market place is about building relationships and a CRM is your tool to do that. By feeding all of your online leads into a CRM you are able to capture the data and respond quickly, effectively, and efficiently to your leads and your clients. These are the three key elements to building a relationship. Building and maintaining relationships is what will convert an online lead into a sale and keep your existing customers coming back.

It is also the premier tool you need to maintain contact with your existing and prospective clients. Believe me, you won’t have the time or the energy to manage all of this. The more you can automate this process, the better off you (and your business) will be.

A CRM System Will Track & Manage Faster and Better Than Anything Else


For reasons unknown, many business still opt for an old-fashioned Excel spreadsheet to track and manage their client base. Funny how we are referring to an Excel spreadsheet as old-fashioned, when they didn’t even exist a little over a decade ago! But we digress…

The fact of the matter is that multiple studies have been done and the amount of time and money you might be wasting on “old-fashioned” client management is incredible. In fact, according to Brent Leary, co-founder and partner of CRM Essentials, there’s no such thing as too soon when it comes to CRM systems. As he so eloquently stated, spreadsheets are good for tracking results, not building relationships.

Also consider that a well-implemented and well managed CRM system can replace a multitude of manual processes that create significant organizational inefficiencies. This alone can save you a ton of time and money, allowing you to focus those precious dollars in other areas.

A CRM System Allows Company Wide Collaboration

Anywhere, at anytime, any team member can access the CRM and get the critical information they need… almost instantly. It allows employees across all departments to effectively manage customer relationships and connect to your business’s “big picture.”

In short, because of the incredible ability of CRM platforms to integrate with other systems, such as marketing automation tools, the efficiencies of CRM can enable companies to interact with customers in ways that they wouldn’t have thought of or had the resources to do so otherwise.

A CRM System Improves the Customer Service Experience

Because it can be accessed by multiple individuals at any time, and because of a CRM’s massive data storage capabilities, all customer information is readily available so anyone within the company can handle/respond to customer. Furthermore, a CRM allows your company to better handle negative customer experiences; a critical piece to your success.

With the advent of social media you simply can’t afford to ignore your clients complaints, or worse, let one fall through the cracks. One bad review on Yelp can hurt your business. Three or more can destroy it. In fact, as you have heard us say before, it pays to manage your reputation. According to the Harvard School of Business, increasing your Yelp score by just one star is enough to increase your profits by five to eleven percent. Your CRM is a gateway to doing so.

A CRM System Gives You All the Data You Need, at Your Fingertips


In today’s fast moving digital world, everything is data driven. From where you should spend your marketing dollars, right down to your clients buying habits. So is it no wonder that you need a management system that can help sort, organize and provide you this data when you need it?

For example, let’s say you sell gourmet organic dog food online. Now, picture one of your have a clients. You set up your CRM to track and communicate with this client on a regular basis. You soon notice that this customer buys from you fairly regularly, but not consistently. That triggers an idea. You go into your CRM and look to see how many of your existing clients buy from you in the same manner: regularly, but not consistently. You do the math and set these clients up on an auto-billing and shipping program. Next, you offer them 10% off on every order for signing up with this program… and you make a killing. Don’t think this method works? Check out Dollar Shave Club for your proof. Now that’s an oversimplification, granted. But it illustrates my point on what you can do with data and your CRM.

A CRM System Gives You Accountability

When you lack the tools to manage customer relationships effectively – and you know as well as I do – that customers are going to fall through the cracks. As your customer list grows, so does the probability of losing a client. A properly set up and managed CRM system can help ensure this doesn’t happen. But even better, there is no more blame game or finger pointing. By adding a CRM system you add a layer of accountability to the customer relationship management process.

A well-implemented CRM system will allow you to easily and quickly assign roles and responsibilities to your team. This allows all persons involved to easily manage clients throughout the customer lifecycle. But in the event that responsibilities aren’t met; it’s easy to identify what went wrong, where it went wrong, who fell short, and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


So there you have it. Six undeniable reasons why you need a CRM. To summarize: a properly implemented and managed CRM saves you money, saves you time, and holds your employees accountable. Most importantly, it creates happy customers, and happy customers not only buy from you again, they also tell others about their incredible experience. So stop thinking about doing it and just do it.

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