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Capture leads online


With popups, that’s how. While we can debate the merits, ethics, and morality of popups all we want I’m more interested in the efficacy of popups. Regardless of your personal feelings towards popups, according to the data, popups flat out increase email signup conversion rates.

Quick note before continuing. The most important rule to remember is to respect your website visitors. Market to others as you would market to yourself. We can all agree, there is nothing more annoying than being flooded with a constant stream of popups. You close them, read something, go to click something or open a new page, and another one opens!

So when employing popups on your pages, if somebody closes your popup be respectful. Don’t shove the popup they just closed down their throat on every page of your website. The only result of that experience is annoyance and a very good chance that person never comes back to your website again.

What’s a popup anyway?

Popups come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve probably seen them all over the internet. Typically, you visit a website and a popup shows up on the page you surfing immediately or after some delay.

get more leads online example classic popup

Classic popup example. This usually loads right away on a retail store’s homepage.

get more leads online example double opt in popup

Double opt in popups are becoming more popular these days. This is one of ours.

Just to be clear, we are NOT talking about the annoying types of popups like the one above. The popups we are talking about load smoothly on the page itself. The modern popup – when done right – aims to add value by asking you to subscribe to an email. All the while respecting the user. So, if the user closes the box it should not appear again during the current session (at least).

618% more leads, seriously?

I’m a data geek. I live by the words:

more leads online - data validates popups work

After taking a deep dive on the subject of popups I found 16 examples sharing the experience and results of employing popups to collect email signups.

Statistical Significance

Based on the averages of 16 groups with hundreds of data points each, we can infer that 95% of the averages (within +/- 2 standard deviations) show that websites that use popups capture on average 618% more emails than those that do not. This means the results are statistically significant.


Nikki McGonigal
Creative inspiration blog

Percent Increase

Standard form: 643
Popup: 7473

Darren Rowse
Digital photography tips and tutorials

Standard form: 40
Popup: 400

Technology blog

Standard form: 13
Popup: 248

Search engine optimization blog


Matthew Woodward
Search engine optimization blog


Neil Patel
Founder QuickSprout marketing blog


Loren Baker
Founder of Search Engine Journal


Michael Hyatt
New York Times Bestselling Author


Ian Cleary
Founder RazorSocial: information on social media tools and technology


Ben Philbaum
Marketing agency


Search marketing services




WordPress resource site


Email marketing


Social Media Examiner
Social media blog


Dan Zarrella
Social media scientist



*Note: data available for each example varied.


The results speak for themselves

The beauty of internet marketing is that everything is measurable! If you object to popups on principle, you don’t have to use them. But if your goal is to get more leads online and increase conversions, installing popups on your site is worth a shot. Keep in mind to respect your site visitors. Ensure once a popup is closed it doesn’t load again immediately and annoy your website visitors.

The winning formula

After setting up popups on your site, start testing. Setup your first popup and run a test for a week or long enough to get at least 100 unique visitors to see it. How many people signed up for your email newsletter? How does that compare to your pre-popup conversion rates?

If popups work for your site get more advanced. Test them on different pages, change the colors or the offer to find out which converts better. Learn from your tests, get some new ideas from your test, test again, and again, and again.

What are your experiences with popups?
Do you have other data on popups I might have missed?

For a limited time, we are looking to help businesses take popups for a test drive at a ridiculous discount.

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