Catch That Whale! How Marketing Automation Software Can Optimize Fishing for New Clients (Data)

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zomalo whale

photo-1432375252447-8f90cd499157Successful fishermen tell tales of the biggest fish and how they catch them. They know what each fish loves to eat, where they live, what they do in their spare time… They know everything about their potential catch. It does not stop there. The best read up on trends and teach themselves the newest techniques to make them even better.

They lure out the big fish with their favorite snacks and throw back the small fish that do not meet their criteria. They take their time to build trust and slowly reel in the big fish. Their goal is to eat for the rest of their fishing careers.

Success comes by learning from the best then implementing and improving strategies that work… The bravest sail to the deepest most dangerous waters where few others dare to fish.

In business terms, don’t just figure out how to attract customers. Figure out how to attract the RIGHT customers.


Investing in paid advertising and poorly defined social web strategies may be getting people to your website. These small fish circle around for a while until they’re bored. The idea is to get the right fish to nibble at morsels of remarkable content. Think of it as chumming. Slowly building trust to reel the right fish into your sales funnel.

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, I’m going to assume that you’re probably throwing a good percentage of your marketing dollars at the proverbial sea of consumers. Secondly you’re probably not yet showing them that they can trust your company to deliver.

Ultimately, you should to get to know and define customers while learning which tasty morsels of content they appreciate. Then learn how to reel them in and sell to them individually. Your objective here is to allure a quality–not just quantity–catch of the day.

How do I secure the budget to start?

fish computerIf your marketing team can show Return On marketing Investment you’ll be in a better place to get the marketing budget you desire.

Easier said than done, right?

Having said that, I hope you’ve been tracking and analyzing what comes in and what goes out in the first place. Do you set monetary goals for your marketing endeavors? How are you currently tracking leads that are coming in and how many of them become paying customers?

According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2015 survey, respondents were 20% more likely to receive a higher budget in 2015 if ROI was tracked. Twice as likely to see an increased budget if the tracked ROI was higher than 2014. They were a heck of a lot more likely (9x!) to receive a lower budget if they failed to demonstrate a positive ROI altogether. And guess what? The savvy marketers who checked their metrics 3x or more a week are over 20% more likely to achieve positive ROI.

The proof is in the fish pudding

HubSpot found that companies are 3x more likely to see positive ROI on Inbound Marketing campaigns than with traditional outbound marketing.

Inbound is the dominant marketing strategy for companies with fewer than 200 people, and of all the companies surveyed that spend less than $100k on their marketing. They’re 4x more likely to practice the Inbound method over using outdated outbound strategies.

If consistently checking and demonstrating positive ROI from your marketing endeavors is an insurance policy for your marketing budget, why not do it the right way the first time around?

Who writes all this content anyway?

Sometimes, it means allowing others to help you.

If you’re a sole-proprietor of your fishing vessel or you only have a handful of employees, finding someone internally who’s going to know how to properly create these consistent content morsels can be difficult. Although content is intended to reflect your company’s voice and brand, the people writing for you and the sportsman making your fishing lures don’t necessarily have to be your full-time employees.

According to the State of Inbound 2015 study just released by HubSpot, the use of freelance and agency talent is on the rise and companies that saw an increase in ROI over the past year were more likely to employ both staff writers and guest contributors than the companies that didn’t do so well.

What does that mean? That you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when it comes down to writing your own blogs. Rest assured there are properly trained fisher-men and women who already know what your fish want and where they swim.

Your perfect catch is much more informed than in the past

photo-1423484723435-7dd7f4cf5686To catch the best from a school of fish when your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a commercial net to cast over all, you must personally engage. Even then, the prospect may not listen or read and respond to the message you’re sending their way.

The more information you have the more successful you will be in catching the right fish. If you’re able to track your company’s leads that are clicking through pieces of content on your website, then you’ll start to understand their pain points and what information they’re interested in swimming to.

At that point, you can continue to market to them based on their behaviors while on your site. By integrating smart marketing automation paths your marketing and sales teams can play nicely together. This will help to simplify your sales process and populate your CRM with those big fish.

Marketing Automation is more powerful if sales and marketing collaborate with a single tool

Simplifying your marketing by automating your strategy and tracking each lead through your CRM will boost your ROI, and ultimately, your marketing budget. It’s also a great place to start if you’re trying to marry your sales and marketing teams. Isn’t that the way it should be if you’re defining brand awareness across your entire company?

If doing the research on where and which way the fish are swimming is the hardest step in the sales process, it’s because your salespeople are lacking important information. Inbound marketing tactics that utilize tasty and compelling content offerings can help gather more information on the right leads so salesperson doesn’t go into calls blindly.

Most salespeople who use a CRM tool only use it to track who they’ve spoken to and feel it’s a huge pain point to manually input this information. In addition, not everybody uses these tools in the same way–this can lead to confusion during the buyer’s journey.

photo-1422493567187-657e311ee1a4Utilizing a CRM that ties in with a total Inbound strategy, including marketing automation software and streamlined and automatic data entry and defined automation tools, can help exponentially speed up the sales process when used effectively.

A whopping 46% of salespeople in the HubSpot survey use informal means (physical files, spreadsheets, etc.) to store lead and customer data, and 24% those surveyed don’t use any CRM. This data is disheartening, since there is a direct correlation between growing sales teams and the proper implementation of a CRM.

View your sales and marketing solution like you’re sailing together on one ship in an endless sea of leads

photo-1424894962383-bdc3668d693bIt’s not just casting a net and crossing your fingers that you get the fish you were going after. Future qualified prospects matter more to sales reps than almost anything.

Instead of blasting out interruptive outbound ads to push people to your company, Inbound Marketing uses helpful content to attract visitors and get them to engage with your company because they choose to bite.

By marrying your marketing and sales team, smarketers go into the sales process with more knowledge and start converting leads that come through their website and work their way through their CRM sales funnel into customers by integrating carefully defined automated marketing strategies.

Don’t get lost at sea in the meantime. Start by collecting data on your website’s catches.

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