Leads and Conversions – Stats on Why Focus is Critical

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Focus on Leads and Conversions

As small business owners and folks responsible for marketing, saying that we have a lot going on is an understatement. At any given time, we have projects, sales meetings, sales support, and not to mention… Figuring out how to spark business. The bottom line is that we need to develop lead sources for sales to close. We live in the world of leads and conversions. Traffic to lead conversion, and lead to customer conversions.

One small bit of advice – focus!

According to the 2015 Chaos Report, the resolution of all software projects by size from 2011 to 2015 results is the following:

Focus on Leads and Conversions

Successful project: a combination of on time, on budget, in scope, and met the desired stakeholder outcome.

To maximize the chances that your next project meets a successful outcome keep your project small. The challenge with small projects is to balance enough potential results and keeping the project as small as possible. Or rather, how to think of a big project as a series of small projects.

The more scope you bite off the smaller your chances for a successful project. According to the data, 62% of small projects succeeded. Compared to just 2% for grand projects, and 6% for large projects. Even medium projects only experienced a 9% success rate. Comparing these numbers to the small projects success rate of 62% the choice is clear and obvious.

Conclusion: reduce scope. While we’re at it, reduce multitasking since it’s bad for business

1. According to a 2010 French study, the human brain can handle two complicated tasks without too much of a challenge. Since our brains are split into two halves this makes sense. Adding a third task can overload the frontall cortex and increase mistakes. In the study, mistake rates tripled when introducing a third task. (Source: Science Mag)

2. You’re missing things! According to a 2009 study in Western Washington University 75% of college students who walked across campus while talking on cell phones failed to notice a clown riding a unicycle nearby. Researchers refer to this is “inattentional blindness”. Despite looking at their surroundings, the brain did not register. (Source: NY Times)

3. Multitasking is hurting your creativity. According to research from the University of Illinois at Chicago, with so much already spinning in their brain, multitasker often find it harder to daydream and generate spontaneous creative moments. As marketers, we NEED creative moments!(Source: Jennifer Wiley and Andrew F. Jarosz)

How does this tie into leads and conversions?

Given the small projects success rate of 62% and the power of focus… What is the smallest project your company could take for more leads and conversions?

A common challenge facing both clients and prospects revolves around leads and conversions. The challenge:

How do I convert more traffic into leads?

Two quick answers: 1 Modal Popups

Install a modal popup on your website. Offer your visitors something valuable enough to share their email address with you. Test different variations of the popup to optimize leads and conversions.

We studied the results of various popups and according to the data we analyzed, websites with popups capture 618% more leads on average.

Just make sure you follow our guidelines and respect your visitors!

We recently tested this approach with one of our clients and classify the results on leads and conversions successful. Our client was able to convert over 3% of his traffic into leads. Keep in mind this is before we start testing and optimizing the popup.

Next, we’re looking to test text of the message, the background image, the button text, and the button color to name a few examples.

2. Call to action buttons

Deploy call to action buttons at the bottom of your blog posts. This approach centers around offering readers content. Content valuable enough to exchange for their email addresses. If you want to see an example just look at the bottom of this blog post.

Pick one approach

Pick the approach that is easiest for you to deploy. If you use WordPress, contact us we’d be happy to recommend a plugin for modal popups. If you use another Content Management System, most have plugins available.

If you pick deploying call to action buttons at the bottom of your blog posts… Create good looking buttons that offer your visitors something valuable enough for them to share their email address with you.

Whichever road you choose remember the power of focus. Increasing leads and conversions is just another project. Pick one approach, execute, measure results, learn, plan, and repeat.

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