Generate Leads Online Using Respectful Popups

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Generate Leads Online with Respectful Popups

Looking to generate leads online?

Popups, when executed properly, are a great tool to generate leads online. Now it is important to understand that I’m not referring to the annoying popups of the early 2000’s. The ones that opened 15 new browser windows when you were busy surfing MySpace while playing Texas hold’em in your Crocs.

I’m talking about popups that silently and respectfully ask you a simple question without disrupting you. Then, quietly fade away if you’re not without bothering you again.

After analyzing 17 cases of websites that employed popups the average increase in lead conversions was 618%. In fact, we were able to convert 3.43% of a client’s website traffic into leads with this approach (case study coming soon).

The bottom line is that if you are looking to generate leads online popups are worth testing. But before testing, do everything in your power to respect your visitors!

Rules for respectful popups:

  • Thou shall not interrupt website navigation

    Ever been busy hungrily reading an awesome blog post when WHAM! You get hit with a ‘subscribe to my email list’ popup? Perfect. I lost my place, I am slightly angry with you and I just want to close your interruption as quickly as possible and get back to my (your) awesome content.

    This is bad on two levels. One, I’m not happy to be interrupted. Two, after reading your awesome content I may be willing to sign up for your email but since I was interrupted I closed your signup already.

  • Thou shall be closeable

    Ever had a popup that after reading and deciding ‘not for me’ you try to close but can’t find the close button?

    Instinctively you look for an X somewhere in the top right. Nope no X there. Then you look left. Maybe the buggers put it there? No luck.

    Sometimes clicking elsewhere on the screen closes it. Nope fails again.

    Now I am pissed off because I can’t close the popup AND I start questioning my intelligence. Surely, there is a way to close this popup. I bet a six-year-old could figure it out, but here I am with 20 years of internet experience and I can’t!

  • Thou shall not repeat

    Ever been on a website… they hit you with their popup you say no. You go to another page, and WHAM! They hit you with the same popup you just said no to. No means no.

    I don’t want to see that popup again until the next time I see it feels like the first time. In a purely unscientific way, I need to see at least 1,000 other websites before you show me your popup again. Or in internet time… 30 days.

  • Thou shall not appear on page load

    Ever been Googling something challenging… like… what’s a ramekin? You’re on page 4 (desperate times) and you click on a promising search result. You get to the page full of eager anticipation, ready to finally learn what a Ramekin is and after 3.76 seconds the page fully loads. You can practically feel the title wave of ramekin knowledge about to hit when WHAM! 50% off popup!

  • Though shall not pop out of the browser

    It’s not 1996. Your website is not hosted on Geocities (back in the day free website hosts would show popups for free hosting). You are not selling adult products. So please, don’t force me to close your new window popup!

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