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Why should I be blogging to get leads online?

The biggest reason your business needs to incorporate blogging in your web marketing strategy is that data tells us companies that blog generated 67% more leads online (Social Media B2B). More leads online equals more revenue for your company to continue to grow.

The second reason your business needs to be blogging, is that our buying behavior has evolved. The days of trusting salespeople with just a handshake are over. In this information age, consumers have access to the same data as the people doing the selling, so they’re ever more informed in making any purchasing decision.

How do we search to solve problems?

For example, you are looking to go on vacation, how to air-condition or climate-control your mattress, or you’re trying to figure out how to get a job as a disabled veteran. Your search shares one characteristic, and that is that you don’t know that much about the solution to your problem. So you start with a Google search, where you ask the search engine for help and type in your problem.

We are each a persona

As individuals we’re all unique; when shopping we can be categorized into buckets. For example, in the real estate world, we have the newlyweds looking for their first home, retirees looking to downgrade, commercial investors, corporate relocators, etc. They can each be grouped by a set of common traits.

Think of your prospects and clients as personas

As each of us fits into a specific buying group with common goals, issues, and questions, so do our clients. Start to recognize your clients and prospects as separate groups. Aim to identify three personas for your business. Make this initial set of personas your most common and/or your most important.

Keep in mind that personas change over time. Your business may evolve and stop working with one persona or start to specialize in another. Your personas can and should be updated and optimized over time.

Who are your three client personas?

Answer common questions

Now that we’ve broken down your best clients/prospects into persona subcategories, we have to think about the questions they’re typing into Google that they’d like you to answer in order to build trust.

In our experience, the best way to compile this list of initial questions is to review your emails and identify the most commonly posed questions. We also recommend your speak to your clients/prospects and ask them what sort of information they initially searched for when looking for your company and ultimately stumbling upon your site.

Don’t stop there. Ask them specifically what they would type into Google!

Make a list of 5 topics for each persona

Armed with the list of questions you compiled in this exercise, we can now start to construct a sustainable game plan. List each topic for each persona in a spreadsheet and arrange them by priority.

It’s time to write! Compose your first post about the topic you think will hit hardest with your target persona. As you write new blog posts, cross out completed entries and don’t forget to refresh your list of topics. Any time somebody asks you an interesting question, record it in your blog topic list.

Be consistent – get more leads online

We recommend a baseline of blogging at least twice a week. In roughly two months (10 blog posts) your website should start to see a small uptick in traffic. Keep going!

More traffic means more visitors. More visitors means more leads online. After a year of consistency, you should have just over 100 blog posts. That’s one hundred+ opportunities for your website to appear in Google’s search results when your prospects start to search for an answer to solve their problems.

No time? We can help with that. Contact us today.

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