Get Legal Leads by Ranking Organically for Divorce Law Web Searches on Google, Bing & Yahoo

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Attorney and Lawyer Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Full Immersion is important to become successful in getting more legal leads.

When marketing your family law firm, targeted marketing should be important to you. By implementing a strategy that makes your presence known on the web and more specifically search engines, your practice can draw in more leads organically.

Why SEO?

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.

How well is your legal website getting divorce leads?

A step on the right path would be to fill out this form so we here at Zomalo may gather some results of how you’re ranking currently. You need to have a baseline before you can start to better your marketing strategy.

zomalo seo legal leadsIn the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to get on the phone with your current web developer. Ask him how well your website has been search engine optimized in the past. Just because he followed best SEO practices 5 years ago doesn’t mean it’s right for today. People aren’t searching for the same thing they were 5 years ago. Search engine optimization is like a living, breathing, growing animal. Your site needs to stay up to date with the most current Google Algorithm trends on a regular basis.

Here are a few questions you can ask your web developer:

  • Are SEO keywords defined on your website?
  • Are there keywords in the titles of pages as well as the permalinks?
  • Is a keyword phrase defined for each page?
    • Are they used in header tags?
    • Are they used many times in the actual content on the page?
    • Are variations used?
    • Are keywords used in every image alt tag?
  • Has your site been submitted to Google, Bing & Yahoo?
  • Has Google Analytics been monitoring your web traffic?

Once you’ve found out this information, you can make an informed decision to start tackling fixing your growth engine.

Then, choose your audience and keywords well. Write to what you’ve learned, and your prospect pipeline will grow. You’ve found the right SEO keywords to target and you have defined the people who are searching for your family law services. It’s time to start building your content strategy around that knowledge.

How can my law practice rise to the top of Google? Become an influencer and make your presence known.

zomalo seo legal leads 2Every legal brand should write on their website about their offerings consistently. This will build clout and start the buzz in online communities where legal leads may be hiding. You need a consistent blog and SEO’d pages to get search engines to notice you. This will ultimately increase your organic traffic. You can also hire a legal marketing firm to do the legal blog management services for you. Blogging around keywords your clients search for can start targeting leads through search traffic.

When you use a blogging strategy that rightly represents your brand, you can share your posts over your social networks. Once blogs are posted, share them often on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and other pages.

Be consistent. Lead generation does not happen overnight.

It takes a steady stream of keyword-targeted content to kickstart Google into paying attention to your brand. This tactic is the used for bettering the organic search results for your site. You want to be on the first page of Google. 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. When you do get to that seemingly unattainable target, how do you get them to click to your site?

You need to lure searching potential customers to become site visitors. Then you’ve got to get those visitors to become leads in your sales pipeline. You’re not done yet. Now you need wow those leads into becoming happy customers.

What can you offer? Give your visitors value and be happy to help them with their problems.

Is it a free phone or Skype call? Physical meeting? Have you put together a whitepaper with the “7 tips I wish I knew before going through a divorce”?

Create content offers in the form of downloadable documents, or offer a free consultation. Then make use of landing pages to gather their information.

zomalo seo legal leads 3Once you’ve gotten their information, do you have a CRM tool (customer relationship management) in place to add these leads to? Does your CRM integrate well with the rest of your marketing strategy? Odds are, if a potential client is looking for a divorce attorney, they’re in the market NOW. If a customer is on your site and filling out your form to download more information, you should call them that day to see how you can help. The same goes if they fill the form for your free consultation.

The sooner you connect with inbound leads the better your odds. Within 5 minutes you have a 100x higher chance of reaching contact (Hubspot)

Some of your visitors are just browsing your site and may be shopping around for a couple of weeks or months. To identify these folks, ask a timing question when getting them to sign up for your content offer. You can subscribe these tire kickers to a drip lead nurturing campaign. Send targeted emails every few days until subscribers are ready to take action. By the time they’re ready to connect with your firm, you’ve built trust by sending content that’s been relevant to their needs. Along the way, they may have filled out more forms on your site and downloaded other content offers. Great! You’ll have better information about these customers to have an informed and intelligent conversation.

Commit to your marketing strategy.

A minimum of 18 months is usually required to achieve SEO marketing campaign results. We didn’t say it was going to be easy.

Let’s get cracking!

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