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Give thanks

Here’s my #ThanksgivingBlog. First of all, I’d like to give thanks for those of you who have taken the time to sign up for our email updates 🙂 We truly appreciate it and hope that we are adding value to your day to day marketing strategies. Thank you for your email 🙂

Are you properly thanking your prospects, customers or leads? A Thank You Page can help build more trust in the relationship you’re trying to cultivate with your potential customers!

What is a Thank You Page?

A thank you page is the redirect page that a person is taken to after they submit information on a form on your website. This page typically just thanks your new subscriber or lead for submitting their information, but it’s a much more powerful tool if you can tell them what they should do next!

A visitor who takes action is more likely to take another action.

A visitor who takes action is likely to take a second action thank you for your email

A Thank You Page is a great way to genuinely say thanks to your awesome customers or subscribers. Heck, they’ve already given their email in exchange for one of your many offerings and are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Now you can take a moment to offer a clear path in their journey to (your vertical market’s) enlightenment.

thank you for your email, here's some content candyGive them more value.

Set expectations for the next step.

Create a separate page for any action that a conversion may have taken, including but not limited to an email newsletter signup, purchasing a product or service from your site, a coupon, eBook download, a request for a call, a demo..

Personalize each Thank You Page to the topic that they’re clearly interested in and actively researching.

You’re clearly engaging to them.. so why not keep them on your site for a bit longer to build upon that trust?

Wave a little more “content candy” in front of them to see if they’ll keep biting.

Refer to the Zeigarnik Effect. Via

“The Zeigarnik Effect is the tendency to experience intrusive thoughts about an objective that was once pursued and left incomplete. The automatic system signals the conscious mind, which may be focused on new goals, that a previous activity was left incomplete. It seems to be human nature to finish what we start and, if it is not finished, we experience dissonance.”

Make your visitors whole again. Give them a reason to hang out on your site for a while and define some goals for them. They’ll unconsciously thank you 🙂

Here are a few short and quick messages you can tweak to make your own

  • Thank you for signing up for our e-newsletter! We hope that you’ll find the information interesting and useful. Before you leave, you may enjoy reading our latest blog, Learn How to Capture 618% More Leads Online.
  • Thanks for connecting. We’ll be in touch shortly. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or would like to get in touch with us now, please feel free to contact us or call us at (401) 680-9104.
  • Thanks for downloading! Here’s a link to your content. If you’d like to receive weekly updates about this topic, please click the link that was sent to your email to sign up for updates.
  • Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. You are now subscribed to our updates. If you are interested in a free marketing assessment, please follow this link to request a no-obligation call.
  • Supercool! Follow us on Facebook for this wicked giveaway!

If you’re going to automatically add them to your newsletter upon them giving you their email, you should probably have a privacy policy somewhere on your site. You want to come off as transparent as possible if you’re not planning on selling any of their data to marketing companies. That’s just another layer of trust that can help your cause.

Add Testimonials and Statistics

Once again, “The proof is in the pudding.” Give your visitors some real social proof. Show them a testimonial from a current client. Give statistics as to why the info you’re touting in your content offer is important and relevant to them. Include customer success stories, logos if they’ll let you put them on your site, and certifications your company may have. Build that credibility, son.

Thank you for your email, may we ask you a few questions?

Survey ’em. It’s not like 20 questions.. you just want to gauge their level of engagement and see if you can qualify them better. Listen to what your visitors have to say. Keep it simple, stupid (KISS). Ask where they may have heard about your brand, their birthday/anniversary, etc. Here’s one of ours: “What’s your biggest marketing concern?” This is all helpful information for Zomalo, so we may create valuable content around what our customers are truly interested in.

Double Opt-In

Double opt-in lists have a 114% increase in clicks as compared to single opt-in lists. You want to lower bounce rates and you REALLY want people to never click the spam complaint button when they’re receiving your emails. With companies like MailChimp, using a double opt-in list can lower your bounce rate by over 48% and lower your chance of unsubscribes to 7%.

Don’t get blacklisted. Never send a blast email to a list of people you’ve never conversed with before. You will run the risk of your carefully crafted emails never reaching your intended destination. Implementing a Double Opt-In tactic will help you build the audience that your brand deserves, and build your credibility 🙂

Don’t know where to start? We can help with that!

To say “Thank You,” let’s hook you up with a free consultation. We’ll also personally thank you for your email 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving ?

<3 kris10 

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