eCommerce Website Development With WooCommerce

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ecommerce website development with woocommerce

You: “I need an awesome eCommerce Website Development team to sell my product or service online.”

Z: We got this. What are you selling?

WordPress is Zomalo’s preferred content management system (CMS) of choice, since it’s very malleable in terms of what it can do. WooCommerce is the plugin we use for our eCommerce website development projects. If your vision is to build and fuel a growth engine website and not just a store with basic functionalities, WordPress+ WooCommerce is the way to go.

It’s not just a blogging platform anymore.

Yes, there are other CMS’s that are widely used, but we are masters of this realm. You don’t deserve a Franken-site. When you’re ready for a robust solution with a cohesive look & feel from store to blog to your brand’s main pages, we can hook you up with the CMS that is being used by over a quarter of the world’s websites. That’s over 60 million WordPress sites.

Our business was built utilizing WordPress for ourselves and our clients, and thus we will continue to specialize in their related products.

WooCommerce is built for scalability and responsiveness. WooCommerce encourages an open-source community and allows contributors to continuously develop and share new tools and integrations. With hundreds of free and premium extensions, WooCommerce allows us to build a customized solution for your online store.

Let’s take a look under the hood.

ecommerce website development boat cruisesYou want to sell unicorn dust. Or monkey training. Or the sailor lifestyle. With WooCommerce’s base model, you can start to create and manage your online store in no time.

But when you take a look at some of this plugin’s amazing paid extensions (what they call add-ons), the sky’s the limit.

  • Create an affiliate model and incorporate social coupons
  • Add exit intent to encourage people about to leave your site to take an action
  • Sell recurring products, memberships and subscriptions

Doesn’t a magical auto-debit feel really good when you’re on the receiving end?

Are you tired of eBay, Etsy or Amazon charging you each time you upload or sell new product? You’re probably getting sick of waiting for a 3rd party vetting process. Your digital download service should bill your customers on a monthly basis without a hitch. Auto-renewals can be easily set up in WooCommerce.

eCommerce Website Development shop now

With WooCommerce and WordPress, you can create a store that incorporates reviews and inventory control. You can control your shipping, payment gateway(s), reporting, tax calculations and databases.

The biggest win is that your WordPress WooCommerce solution is YOUR data; meaning you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for a proprietary software subscription.

You like control.

WordPress gives you control. With WordPress, you can keep your website secure, backed up and upgraded so you can maintain your store forever.

Today, WooCommerce powers almost 30% of all online stores.

BuiltWith compiles a study of the entire internet and for eCommerce, the usage statistics are fascinating.

Statistics for websites using Ecommerce technologies

To sum it up, with hundreds of free and premium extensions for WooCommerce and tens of thousands of plugins for WordPress, the solution for your individualized site is probably out there. From our experience, every business has different requirements for their eCommerce and web design project.

Know your requirements and search for your solution, or better yet, work with a web developer expert. Start by writing a list of what you need your store to do, then give us a call (or leave a reply here and I will get back to you shortly). 🙂

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