Why Hire a Company for My Legal Blog Management Services?

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If you’re an attorney or own a law firm, then blogging may not be in the forefront of your marketing strategy. However, we believe that by hiring a blog management services company ::cough:: like Zomalo ::cough:: to build your brand online, it will bring you front and center of the prospects that may be searching for you on the internet.

There are some great statistics out there that illustrate the need for a well-thought-out strategy and I put together this handy infographic to tell the story 🙂

Zomalo Blog Management Services for Attorneys infographic



You can be ahead of the crowd by really honing in on your marketing needs online. If you’re able to write, DO IT! Also, please feel free to tweet some of these vital statistics to your social followers.

To reiterate why lawyers should blog:

  • Nearly 40% of small law firms in the US don’t have a website
  • Over 35% of people looking for an attorney start their search online
  • 85% of attorneys and lawyers do not blog
  • Companies that blog get better marketing results
    • 55% more visitors
    • 97% more inbound links
    • 434% more indexed pages
  • 70% of attorneys and lawyers don’t have a CTA (call to action) on their home page
    • CTAs help guide your visitors to landing pages
    • Landing pages increase customer conversion rates

There are leads out there.

Let’s help them find your firm easily.

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