Law Firm Overhauls Legal Marketing – Increases Traffic, Signups, and Customers

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LawFirmOverhaulsLegalMarketing IncreasesTraffic,Signups,AndCustomers
increase in organic traffic within first three months
increase in contacts within first three months
increase in customers past six months

How One Law Firm Got Real Legal Marketing Results

Prior to shifting their legal marketing strategy the Amerihope law firm like many others primarily focused its marketing efforts on advertising. It purchased lists of qualified leads of around 1200 contacts on a monthly basis. According to the firm’s director of marketing the contacts obtained from the list closed at an average rate of 8%. On the other hand, the small number of leads generated from non paid search engine traffic closed at an average rate of 25%.

Clearly, increasing organic traffic was a top priority. Before shifting the legal marketing strategy to organic search the firm was generating an average of 20 leads per month. As a result, the firm took action and shifted the legal marketing strategy to organic search. The best way to increase organic search results is blogging. So, in the past the firm was blogging twice a month but after the shift the blogging frequency increased to five times a week.

After the blogging started people are finding their website on Google through those blog posts. The results speak for themselves.

In 10 Months, From April 2013 to January, Amerihope Experienced a 200% Increase In Search Traffic

How exactly did they do it? Employing a sound blogging approach, keyword research, call to action buttons (like the one on the bottom of this post), and email marketing.

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Or read more about the approach Amerihope employed.

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