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Your customers are your best source of intelligence! They buy from you and therefore, have insight as to why they choose to do business with you that you may not be aware of. Learn why they prefer to work with you, identify new opportunities for sales or improvement, and ask them for testimonials that you can use on your website, in a success story or case study.

What you can expect

  • Initial kick off meeting to learn about your business and establish goals
  • A composed email using your system, asking for survey responses, to send to your customers
  • A form on your website, with questions to acquire insight on what you should continue doing, what you should start doing, and what you should stop doing
  • This form can also ask for a testimonial for use on your website
  • Customized questions as they pertain to your business
  • Responses emailed to you in real time
  • Form and email revisions (up to 3)

What we need from you

  • Information and insight about your business
  • An initial fact finding worksheet and follow up call to determine your business objectives
  • Images including logo and product or service photos you’d like to include in the email copy
  • Any other questions you would like to ask (the less the merrier!)
  • Access to your email tool of choice


  • I don’t have a email software service, can you recommend one?
    Yes, we will recommend one for you to use based on your business needs. However, you may need to invest at minimum $10/month for an email software and it may incur an additional setup fee.
  • Do you offer revisions?
    We offer one round of major revisions, and two rounds of minor revisions after that, if necessary. Minor revisions include spelling and grammatical errors.
  • What kind of questions will you ask my customers?
    We’ll ask questions to learn from why your customers choose to do business with you. We ultimately want to learn what to continue doing, what to start doing, and what to stop doing.
  • Can you customize the questions?
    Absolutely. Once we get to know your business, we will recommend a set of pertinent questions. Your questions will be incorporated into the survey as well (within reason).

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