Get Twitter Followers

Get Twitter Followers


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Growing a social media following is a must these days, but unless you are a rockstar, it’s takes a lot of work.

Our service to get Twitter followers is a social media growth strategy designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand reputation and sales through Twitter, with minimal effort on your part.

What you can expect

  • 200-1000+ Twitter followers every month
  • All followers are real and targeted
  • Monthly report of new follower activity, upon request
  • Unlimited email support

What we need from you

  • Access to your Twitter account
  • Information about your business and target audience
  • Any known competitors on Twitter with a large following
  • White list of accounts you’d like to keep following (if any)
  • Don’t have a Twitter account? We can help!


  • Are these real followers?
    For sure! All new followers are 100% real and targeted. You’ve probably heard of some resources online that sell followers – those are mostly farmed networks or fake accounts. That is not what we offer.
  • How do you do it?
    Each day we’ll perform a plethora of tasks to help grow your account: following, unfollowing, retweeting, favoriting, etc., to organically grow your audience.
  • What’s up with the range of followers?
    There are several factors involved when it comes down to how quickly we can get Twitter followers for your account. Generally, our initial success will be related to the size of your account from the start, per Twitter rules. Once we get a good momentum growing your followers, you’ll start to see better results each month. Think of it as compounding Twitterest.
  • What if I don’t like the results?
    Cancel anytime and if you truly aren’t happy we’ll give you your money back. Unfortunately, with this service, we cannot go back to where you were when we started.
  • How is the correct audience targeted?
    We find pertinent Twitter accounts by following relevant hashtags and searching out accounts within your vertical industry that have the kinds of followers aligned with your business targets.
  • How does the targeting work?
    Once you provide us with your ideal customer, we’ll focus our efforts on a particular target or niche. For example, if your product or service targets small start up businesses, then we’ll work on getting small startups to follow you!
  • Will this unfollow any accounts I’ve personally followed?
    Yup and depends. Any account which is not following you will be unfollowed during our service. If you wish to keep following certain profiles, please send us a whitelist of accounts immediately upon purchase. For example – friends, family, colleagues, industry related accounts, etc. can be listed in a spreadsheet or Word document.
  • How quickly will my Growth Engine be underway?
    New campaigns are generally underway within 1-2 business days of us receiving your order and Twitter credentials, and we’ll be in touch as soon as it kicks off to let you know.
  • Do you tweet content to my account?
    Nope. With our Get Twitter Followers service, you remain in control of the content you post and we will not post any tweets for you. We’ll focus on bringing you the right audience to view your Twitter. Need us to manage your Twitter? We can do that too!
  • What happens after I purchase?
    It’s pretty simple, after you purchase this service, you’ll receive an onboarding fact finding questionnaire, where you’ll be able to provide all of the info we need to get started.
  • This service includes commenting and liking to increase engagement and following. What types of comments are we talking about?
    Our comments are custom-written, so they can be anything you’d like for them to say. However, this won’t be manually screened, so it’s by request only. It can be promotional as well, where we can tell users to check out your bio or a link to a product, but we try not to do that often, because it can appear spammy to Twitter. However, this tactic works great with non-business accounts, such as non-profits and entertainment/event-related accounts!

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