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The best marketing blogs all use infographic design to drive likes, shares, and sales. Problem is, they tend to get expensive, and can be time consuming to create.

We’ve been creating infographics for over five years, and we feel confident that we can deliver you a high-quality infographic design, relevant to your industry, each month, to help you build your brand recognition.

What you can expect

  • One to two days of research to determine the content, stats and data needed to produce the video
  • One complete infographic design per month, with up to three revisions on design and copy if necessary
  • Exclusive infographic design that you own the rights to
  • When complete, we’ll give you any of the following file types: PDF, JPG, AI, and/or EPS

What we need from you

  • A shortlist of infographic-ready subjects, relevant to your business
  • Your logo, pertinent links, and any brand style guide instructions
  • Examples of any other infographic designs you like


  • What is an infographic design?
    Infographics allow the presentation of knowledge in a visually engaging way. You can get your message across quickly and in a more consumable manner when implementing intriguing imagery. We’ll take your data and information and present it in a way so viewers want to know everything about your business, and read on.
  • Do I need to supply the content?
    Nope! We will compile the data for your video based on industry research. However, if you would like to use specific resources and data, we are happy to accommodate. We will need your logo and a pertinent call to action (CTA)!
  • I’m already blogging, should I use this service?
    Infographics tend to be shared and linked to much more often than other formats. Your blog and the visual representations of data we create synergistically work very well together.
  • If content isn’t provided, how is the research done for infographic design?
    We’ll search for information on the internet, and source from reliable news sites, research papers, and blogs. We compile up to 15 points along with references, and submit to you to get feedback before designing your infographic.

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