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Local SEO Review Monitoring


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Let’s face it, your customers are searching for local businesses online. As a local business owner, it’s important to understand where your business is listed online, how you’re represented to the public, and what people are saying about you. Our Local SEO & Review Monitoring service is designed for businesses with retail locations, who want to own their digital presence on local search sites, and stand out from the pack!

This service is split into two distinct yet important elements:

  • Local SEO: well-executed Local SEO will ensure your business is easily found online by potential customers who may be searching for your product or services online. It’s that simple. Well not really, but we’ll handle the complicated part so you don’t have to!
  • Review Monitoring: consumers consult local review sites in order to make better-informed purchase decisions. Monitor your online presence on a few of the top review sites, so you may get a handle on what folks are saying about your business, and get recommendations on how you can combat bad reviews.

What you can expect

  • 24/7 access to real-time performance data and analytics
  • Access to dashboard to see reviews in one central location
  • Access to full task engine to assist in overall inbound marketing strategy
  • Optimized listings on 60+ local listing websites; enhanced listings with custom content
  • Ongoing monitoring and automated email alerts for reviews on top 14 review websites
  • Active suppression and removal of duplicate listings across entire network
  • Standardize and maintain branding across all local SEO listings

What we need from you

  • Full business name, address, and contact information (for reporting technology license)
  • Business description
  • Up to three business photos (building, staff, products)


  • Will this program make my listing #1 on these sites?
    While we cannot guarantee your ranking, our solution will help your listings become super local SEO-friendly. When search engines determine rankings, they’ll look to your profiles for consistency, authority, and frequency of the information shared throughout the web. Our service directly addresses these factors, and by having all in check and active, it will positively affect how you rank on all of the sites we work with.
  • Do you respond to reviews on my behalf?
    Since you ARE your business’ voice, along with the circumstances of the customer’s review better than we ever could, we suggest that you respond to reviews accordingly. That said, we’re happy to help you along the way, as you craft your responses!
  • Will you create the actual business listings?
    Yes, this service includes development of new listings on sites you’re not on already, in addition to active listings management.
  • Which kind of business benefits the most from this service?
    Local SEO and Review Monitoring works best for companies that have physical brick and mortar retail locations.

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