How to Create Your Brand’s Buyer Persona

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Who is the customer buying your product/service?

One of the many components to building a successful, long-term marketing strategy is creating a buyer persona. A buyer persona is an general, fictitious representation of your ideal customer based on thorough research. Putting your product/service in context to your customer’s lifestyle can help drive your marketing and sales goals.

It’s important to realize that your current customer is different from your ideal customer.

For example, if a contemporary stationery company wants to target female, urban young professionals ages 26-39 with an income of $75K+, but its existing customer base consists of suburban women ages 40-55, then the stationery company will need to analyze how they can attract their ideal customer, as well as accommodate their unexpected market.

Creating a buyer persona can help you find improvements in your strategy and edit your approach to achieve the desired results for your business.

Start developing your brand’s buyer persona by examining existing customer profiles in your database. Whether it’s on information captured in your POS, client books or even in your smart phone, it can help you build a foundation of your buyer persona.

The questions can begin as easy “green light” questions that are quantitative.

  • Where does your customer live?
  • What is your customer’s marital status? Children?
  • What is your customer’s highest level of education?
  • What does your customer do for work?
  • How much is your customer’s annual salary? (estimate)

Then, the following questions add more depth and qualitative value to the buyer persona.

  • How does your customer spend spare time after work?
  • What books/publications does your customer read?
  • What social values does your customer believe in? Why?
  • What social media platforms does your customer engage with? Why?

To complete the research, questions need to address your brand and how it fits in the buyer persona’s lifestyle. Think of more specific industry-related questions that can help solve a problem for your target audience.

  • What other products/services does your customer use that complement to your product/service?

The more questions you answer about your buyer persona, the more likely you will learn the overall value of your product/service and understand your target audience.

Ask your team for their input about your brand’s buyer persona, as well—they may have additional suggestions to fully shape the profile. The best source for building your buyer persona is hosting a focus group of several individuals outside of your network and asking them questions about who they are (see above), then frame your questions so that they naturally transition into discussion of your product.

If you find that your product/service has multiple buyer personas, that’s great! Use these profiles to segment your audience and create targeted marketing campaigns.

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