How to Create a Facebook Event Page for Your Business

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Facebook events are an awesome and #FREE way to let your friends and Facebook page fans know about any public event that your business is hosting or promoting. Here’s how you can create a Facebook Event Page for your Business.

Events are *great* for:

  • sales
  • contests
  • networking events
  • fundraisers
  • concerts

Did you know that there are different kinds of events?

It’s not a good idea to wander blindly to your Facebook events page and post on a whim. This practice is only a good idea if you’re hosting a personal event. While this may organically show up on your friends’ news feed a little better, we really want it to be associated with your business fan page to drive more likes. Use your best judgement.

#fbg sidebar: if you’re a member of or you’re the manager of a Facebook Group and would like to invite only members to participate, you can post an event directly through your group page. For now, we’re going to show you how to add an event natively on your Facebook Fan Page. So let’s get to it. 🙂

Step 1: Log into your Facebook Fan Page as an admin. Where you’d normally post your status on your timeline, you may now post an event.

Step 2: Click the “Offer, Event +” button, then click on “Event.”

Step 3: Enter your event’s details. Add your header photo, title, location, date/time, co-hosts, ticket URL and a good description of what you’re planning.

Events are also a way to promote a contest or giveaway that can make your fan page seem like a VIP experience. For example, create an offer like “upload a photo/video of you using our product/service for a chance to win more of our products/services.” Your virtual event attendees will receive notifications whenever you update your event or if their Facebook friends post to the event’s wall. This functionality is actually turned on by default and it will help allow your event to start showing up to more strangers organically.

Step 4: click “Create” to publish the event to your Fan Page’s wall.

Step 5: invite your friends to join!


You’ve got an event up and running! Don’t forget to use some fantastic and relevant keywords that people may be searching for in your description. There are also ways to bulk-add friends to your events (I use the paid version of Facebook Event Invite/Select All Friends Chrome Extension), and you’re going to get throttled if you promote too many events.

I don’t have any problem telling my clients to boost some of their events by using Facebook Advertising. This makes sense if you’ve done a fine job of optimizing your event page and you’re actually adding a direct ticket sales link to actually have an ROI.

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