#QuickTip: Facebook Developer Debug: WordPress Website Title Fix When You Share on Facebook

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facebook developer debug

Here’s a quick little Facebook Developer Debug tip! If anybody else is having an issue with the “Just another WordPress site” text showing up when you try to share your new website on social media, I figured this was worth noting.

When you update the “Just another WordPress site” text on the back end of your website…

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard. Locate “Settings/General” on the left side of the screen.

…sometimes it just doesn’t play nicely with Facebook. Facebook probably already stored your site info with the old information, so here’s how you can fix that!

Enter the Facebook Developer Debug

  1. Click to Facebook for Developers Sharing Debugger
  2. Enter the URL in question
  3. Click Debug!

facebook developer debug

It should be fixed!

IF for some reason it didn’t get fixed, I suggest you clear the cache on your site, browser, and maybe even enter the site into an incognito window. Comment below and let me know how it worked!

facebook developer debug

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