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This little piece of code that does it all. This will allow you to get more Facebook Likes on your business fan page rather than click, click, clicking each individually. I hope that this post will help you to freely promote your fan page so your Facebook friends & connections can become aware of the endeavors that you’re busy promoting!

Now for the code/geeky stuff (for Facebook Likes):

javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

Just a heads up: See those apostrophes? You’re going to want to delete them and add your own. They should not be slanted, they should look completely vertical when you paste.. but for some reason they do not translate when you copy/paste properly. If you know of a better way, please comment below!

Let’s start by assuming that you’ve already created your Facebook Fan Page. Now, it’s about time to start inviting your friends to like it. If you’re a business owner, please share this article with your employees and groupies. It’s much more powerful if more than one person is sharing a single business fan page.

zomalo invite friends to like facebook page blogFirst, open up your fan page in a Google Chrome window, signed in as your personal Facebook profile. Yes, you’re going to have to log off your Internet Explorer for a minute. This can work with Firefox, but I prefer to walk you through one way of doing things.. let’s not complicate this. Even though ^that JavaScript code^ above looks super geeky, I’m going to try and make this easy for you.

Click the “…” dropdown and “Invite Friends.”

We here at Zomalo highly suggest that before you start playing this Fan Page promoter game, you warn your friends. It seems to help that I explain that this is what I do for a living, so they have an option to just ignore my invites from time to time 🙂

Now you can choose from a list if you’re OCD about segmenting your Facebook friends like me, or you can just scroll all the way to the bottom of this list. This may require a bit of scrolling until it stops loading more people, depending on the amount of friends you have. That’s okay. We can wait–at least it doesn’t take as long as clicking each individual “Invite” button…

get more facebook likes hack inspectTHIS is where the Facebook like magic is about to happen. Remember back in the day (probably even yesterday or earlier this morning) when you had to click, click, click, click (starting to think it’s time to hire an intern), to accomplish these mundane tasks? NOW you only have to perform a quick little hack so you may get this done in less than 5 minutes! How cool is that? I’d say pretty cool.

Right click. That’s right, that right click button–hopefully you’ve got a mouse or the capabilities to figure this one out. You’re going to want to click on “Inspect” at the bottom when you do.

Weird. You’re getting into the codey stuff now. Don’t get too intimidated. Once again–we’re going to make this easy for you.

You’re going to want to click to the Console and paste ^that code at the top^ at the cursor. Don’t worry if you’ve got a lot of red text in this box, just go to the next line, paste in the code and press enter.

zomalo invite friends to like facebook page blog2 console

I’m going to wait for you for a second. It should only take a few moments to go through and check everybody off. Did it work? SUPERCOOL 🙂

So if this tutorial helped you get more Facebook likes, legit, please feel free to like, share and comment! If it did not work for some reason, let me know–Facebook is always changing things to make it harder for us marketers to do our jobs more efficiently.

Thanks for reading and cheers to your awesome fan page!

<3 kris10

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