How to Block Facebook Event Invites From Specific People

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How to block Facebook event invites from specific people

I work with more than a handful of businesses on Facebook so if you know me, you know I send out invitations to join a Facebook event or to like pages on a consistent basis. I’m not sorry–I’m getting paid for this–but I want to make it easier for those of you who don’t appreciate me trying to physically socialize this anti-social medium 🙂

Here’s a quick hack so you can block a Facebook event invite from someone inviting you to events you’re just not interested in, although you’d still like to keep as a friend on Facebook. Let me be clear: I’m not offended by the fact you’re ignoring my event invites; in fact, I’d rather only invite those friends who are planning on attending these events in the future! Believe me, the events I promote do not suck 😉

First step: login to Facebook.

Secondly, visit this link to set up your blocking settings.

easy facebook eventHere, you can:

  • edit your Restricted User list
  • block individual users altogether (they will not be able to see you or your activity if they’re logged in however you will not be able to see theirs as well)
  • block application invites (individuals  who are inviting you to Farmville or Mobsters alllll the time)
  • block event invites (ding ding ding)
  • block applications–especially useful if you’re getting tons of invites to Slotomania Adventures or Candy Crush Saga from multiple sources (thanks mom)

Just start adding the names of the event promoters who are inviting you to events you’d never join to your Block Application Invites section.

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