Improve Traffic And Conversion By Understanding Customer Intent

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which face is it

What do you see in this image?

Improve Traffic And Conversion By Understanding Customer Intent

In this classic optical illusion I see a young woman turning her head away. You may see an old lady with a cowl.

What color is that dress?

Improve Traffic And Conversion By Understanding Customer Intent

This question became an internet sensation and had the likes of Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres sharing their opinion. It looks blue and gold, but in reality is black and blue. This was such a hot topic it made CNN.

Is this man staring towards you or facing the right?

Improve Traffic And Conversion By Understanding Customer Intent

I argue he is staring straight ahead, but his nose is telling us otherwise. You might agree or disagree.

The truth is… we all see the world differently

The reality is that our customers see the world differently than us. As a business, we think of the world in terms of solutions. While our customers see the world in the context of their problems.

For example, somebody without heat needs their heat fixed. That is the problem they need resolved. Meanwhile, a plumber sees various heating boiler options that will work for you.

Optimize traffic conversion by seeing the world through customers’ eyes

Sounds pretty simple right? The problem as the images above illustrate once we see something it’s hard to see something else there. But, if you focus and work at it, you will see the other image in the optical illusion.

Two of the biggest culprits in the context gap between customers and businesses are jargon and acronyms. We live and breathe CTAs, Landing Pages, and SSL certs. But do our customers really know what those are? Assume they don’t and explain in terms familiar to them.

For instance: a CTA is a call to action button typically located on a blog post or website. Its job is to get somebody to click on it.

Once you start seeing the world from your customers’ eyes you can speak to their issues in language they will understand.


We advise you take a step back and think about your customers. What groups would you put them in if you had to categorize them? The stay at home mother who needs her heat turned back on? The workaholic business woman who wants a quick efficient heating solution.

The best way to optimize traffic and conversions is to build user personas. Start with at least three.


1. Identify at least 3 personas for your customers

2. Focus on the motives behind behaviors

3. Talk to people in a persona and ask them questions to understand their role, goal, challenges, where they gather information about your product/service, their personal background, and shopping preference

4. Adapt your website and marketing to speak to individual personas


We were recently talking to a business that helps disabled veterans. In their case there are three personas: the disabled veteran, the concerned family member/friend, and their military assigned advisor.

In summary

Each persona has its own needs/questions/issues that needed to be addressed. By changing the website to quickly identify which persona a visitor represents we can better address their questions, provide logical next steps, and increase the traffic conversion from that visitor.

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