More Landing Page Strategies: Convert Your Visitors to Leads!

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write more landing pageFirst and foremost: blog more.

Oh come on. What does this have to do with my landing page? Now I have to actually write, too??

Well how did this stranger visitor find your site in the first place? By blogging and actively sharing your sweet content on social media, and squeezing your own organic search juice, that’s how!

If you blog it, they will come. And like. And share. So start writing. Consistently.

Google looks favorably upon those who write.

Hallelujah! Now that they’ve found your site because of some of the awesome information that they were just looking for around your pages and amazing blog content… geez, now what? “How the heck do I hook em and keep em coming back for more,” you ask…


cta landing pageCome up with some awesome CTAs (calls to action)

Simple yet not simple. Whaddya got?

If I go to a website, I may opt to fill out a form to download an eBook. I could subscribe to a blog that is pertinent to my hobby or has great marketing insight I could reference in the future.. A call to action could also be the form I fill out in order to purchase a product online or to receive a coupon to purchase something in a physical store. I’m giving these companies my email address and probably some additional pertinent information (Hello Victoria’s Secret free birthday panty or a Michael’s 40% off coupon)..

Protip: Think of a good value proposition that people who may actually buy your product or service offering would be interested in. Here are a few of our offers which we hope to be of value to our customers:


Create some forms for your landing page. It’s okay. You can start with one. Just don’t think you’re done.

Every form is an opportunity to convert a visitor into a lead. Ask your visitor a question or two about what they’re looking for. Don’t give them 23895235982353 questions and think they’ll ever submit. We won’t.

If you’re still asking, “Why are they filling out my form…”  You may have missed the last thing I said. Don’t just glaze over the above CTA part of this blog. That’s important as well too. They can get something in return, silly. We’ll talk about that in a few blogs. Stay tuned…

Time for a flashback…

In another life, I used to be a trade show babe. It was fun, I got to go to Vegas, DC, Miami and Myrtle a few times…

The companies I worked for paid massive amounts for travel, the actual booth setups and prizes. I tend to think of a trade show booth as a company’s physical landing page: the giveaway you could offer, or a cute or handsome brand ambassador brings people into your booth. Think about spending that $25-45k on your online marketing and you’ll have value for MANY more potential customers.

Then what do you do when they get to your trade show booth? You ask for the unqualified visitor’s business card so they may “enter to win an awesome prize in the next big drawing,” while adding them to your email marketing list. They’re (for the most part) not going to ever buy from you unless you can prove value outside of the show. They just want a free something, and you want to prove that you will show value after the show. That’s why we write 🙂

Now let’s think about your website. The more qualifying giveaways your company can offer virtually that make the most sense to your potential buyers, the better lead lists you shall build.

As I mentioned in a prior blog, businesses with 31-40 landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with only 1-5 landing pages, and those with over 40.. guess what? They generated 12x more leads than those with only 1-5. Wow.

So get crackin! Comment below if you have any questions 🙂 We love to be of assistance. Help us help you.

<3 kris10

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