More Construction Leads Through a Better LinkedIn Company Page

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More Construction Leads Through A Better LinkedIn Company Page

This post was updated on 4.18.2017. 

First of all, why does LinkedIn matter for my business? It matters to your business for a few reasons. First, there are 107 million people with LinkedIn in the US. That’s ⅓ of the population. A small subset of this massive numbers are looking for your business, may be converted to construction leads, and in time customers.

Second, in 2013 43% of all marketers found customers via LinkedIn. To expand on this more, in a study of more than 5,000 business LinkedIn ranked first with a visitor to lead conversion rate of 2.74%. Compare that to Facebook’s .77% and Twitter’s .69% conversion rates.

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For this post the following construction companies’ LinkedIn Company pages were analyzed:

  • Bechtel Group Inc., San Francisco, CA
  • Fluor Corporation, Irvine, CA
  • Skanska Incorporated, Greenwich, CT
  • Centex Construction Group, Dallas TX
  • The Turner Corporation, New York City, NY
  • Halliburton, Houston TX
  • Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc.
  • Washington Group International, Inc. Boise, Idaho
  • J.A. Jones, Inc. Charlotte, NC
  • Bovis Lend Lease New York City, NY

Lesson 1: Company Website Link to LinkedIn Company Page

Not all of these companies had a link to their company LinkedIn page on their website. Make sure you do. Likewise, make sure that your LinkedIn company page has a link pointing to your website.

Lesson 2: Actively Share Updates

Some of the companies above were more active than others sharing updates. Halliburton and Fluor seemed to be the most active of all the companies with updates coming almost daily. Skanska, Lendlease and Kiewit typically share two updates a week. Bechtel on the other hand, seems to share its updates on a monthly basis.

The take away here is to pick a posting frequency of at least once a month and stick to it.

Lesson 3: Post your non profit work

Fluor not only does a wonderful job of placing its employees at the center of its LinkedIn updates, but also posts mostly about the community work they do. It’s quite a breath of fresh air from companies posting about themselves and how great they are.

If your company participates in community work, take pictures and share them. Strike a good balance between talking about your company (announcing your achievements, awards, etc.) and sharing content about your employees (achievements, stories etc.), the community, and other industry news.

Lesson 4: Use High Contrast Text On Cover Photos For Easy Readability

Compare the two images below and decide which is easier to read:

More Construction Leads Through A Better LinkedIn Company PageMore Construction Leads Through A Better LinkedIn Company Page

White text over certain background can sometimes be hard to read. It’s still readable of course, but it just presents the same level of design as a high contrast text block over a background image.

If you want to use text on a background image pick a background image that will provide high contrast with your text and/or place your text in area of the image where the text will have a high level of contrast. If you choose to use an image with a potential contrast conflict you can always place a semi transparent layer over the background and under the text. If you look at the image above, notice how “We build great projects…” is place over a dark blue semi transparent layer?

Lesson 5: Use Cover Backgrounds With Multiple Images

Most construction companies provide a range of services so it’s natural to provide a few different images to reflect this.

Notice how Halliburton uses three distinct images below.

More Construction Leads Through A Better LinkedIn Company Page

The first image demonstrates its sea capabilities, the second its land capabilities, while the third focuses on its people.

Lendlease takes a similar approach in the image below.

More Construction Leads Through A Better LinkedIn Company Page

Looking at this image it looks like they build entire cities!

The lesson here is that if your company provides a few different types of services consider displaying an example of each in your background image.


LinkedIn is a powerful network full of peers, competition, and potential customers. Review the lessons above from industry giants to step up your LinkedIn company page. Remember, like your website your LinkedIn page has a job to do. Its job is to convert visitors to construction leads, and your job is to converting those leads to customers.

Do you have other helpful tips?

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