Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs – Part I – HubSpot vs. Buffer

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Productivity Apps Entrepreneurs

You’re an entrepreneur (or on your way). Therefore, you know just how precious your time is. You simply can’t waste your time on mundane tasks. You need to improve your efficiency and still make sure the job gets done. The best way to do that is to use productivity apps designed for entrepreneurs. Two such productivity apps you should know about are HubSpot and Buffer.

Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs – What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a one stop “hub” with the resources needed to create a dynamic “inbound” marketing platform for your (or client’s) business. HubSpot provides tools for social media marketing, content management, landing page and call-to-action creation. As well as search engine optimization (SEO), and all of the analytical tools necessary to monitor your efforts. While some aspects of HubSpot are free, most of what they offer can run your business upwards of $800-$2400 a month.

HubSpot’s Main Focus:

  • Content management. This suite of tools is used for creating or managing your online content in the form of blogs or social media posts. These tools also provide you premade templates for creating your own blogs as well as templates for CTA’s, emails, and landing pages that tie into their CRM.
  • Search Engine Optimization. SEO or search engine optimization is a critical component for any entrepreneur launching an online endeavor. However, it is also one of the hardest components to get right. Luckily HubSpot provides a productivity app for entrepreneurs that addresses this issue.

Essentially SEO is nothing more than “optimizing” your content so that your potential clients can find it online. But it is easier said than done. Google (who owns over 80% of the search engine market) is constantly updating their algorithms. This constant updating is needed in order to provide search results that are of high quality and directly related to the item the individual is searching for. As a result, online content creation is a lot harder than it looks.


Additional Benefits of HubSpot

You need to do keyword research which can take hours. Then you need to find out what your competition is doing (or has done online) and then determine the best course of action. Once all that is done, then and only then can you develop content around those results. HubSpot provides you with analytics, tracking links, and even graphs highlighting essential SEO data.

  • Web Analytics. Of course, none of the above will mean anything unless you know how your efforts are performing. That is why one of the most important tools in your tool bag should be a productivity app that provides you the raw data you need. For example, how many people saw your post? How many people followed that post to your website? How many clicks – and at what time? How long did they stay on each page? How many of those that went to your site signed up for your CTA? Most importantly, how many of those actually purchased your product, signed up for your content, or subscribed to your blog?
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The absolute must-have productivity app for entrepreneurs. You simply will not survive without one. Why? Simple. Everything in today’s marketplace is about the “customer experience.” It is about building long-lasting relationships. Understand that you are in a global marketplace and you need to make sure you stay in front of your current and future customers… or face losing them to your competition. HubSpot breaks this all down into a “funnel”, and tracks your customers through this “journey”.

Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs – What is Buffer?

Buffer is a productivity app for entrepreneurs that allows users to manage most (if not all) of their social media accounts from one single dashboard. The application allows users to “pre-schedule” social media posts to sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

The single advantage that Buffer offers is the ability to pre-schedule your posts to a calendar so that they are posted during the best times of the day when your target audience is most active. This is super critical for busy entrepreneurs. You can write your posts beforehand, put them into “Buffer” and the software app takes care of the rest. Now you can write that blog post at 2 AM and still get it out to your audience when they are online and active.

According to Buffer, the free version of the application allows a maximum limit of 10 posts to be scheduled at any given time, and only allows the management of one social media account per social media website.

Buffer also contains features that give post suggestions to it’s users, and gives information on the number of clicks, retweets, likes, favorites, mentions, and potential views each post has. Buffer offers an assortment of pricing packages. For instance, you can purchase individual packages, team packages, or agency packages. Their pricing range is notably cheaper than HubSpot, but Buffer does have it’s limitations in comparison.

Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs – HubSpot vs. Buffer?

While HubSpot and Buffer share a lot of similarities there are several distinctions. Buffer’s main focus is on social media and pre-scheduling. Whereas HubSpot is more of a one-stop marketing shop.

In fact, according to Chuck Schaeffer, author of HubSpot Marketing Software Review—An Independent Marketing Software AnalysisHubSpot “is not the best product in every category… yet may still be the single best marketing solution in bringing all the tools together. Many of HubSpot’s individual applications have competitors, but HubSpot strives to provide an all-in-one approach.”

In our experience, the best formula is to take a combined approach. Use each productivity tool in the area(s) it excels in, and fill in the gaps with other useful apps. By utilizing both HubSpot and Buffer together, you can create a powerful marketing engine that drives revenue. And saves you time to focus on both your business and customers.

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