Social Media Contest Ideas: Thank Somebody

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social media contest ideas thank somebodyThanking people in your life who give you help and support is incredibly uplifting. The reason behind why we give thanks isn’t quite as important as the fact that we probably don’t say “thank you” nearly as much as we should. So, in this growth tactic, we want to help your fans thank the special people in their lives.

By leveraging your existing social networks and brainstorming some contest ideas, we gather emails and user-generated content from fans and followers. In return, your brand will offer a sweepstakes where users can “enter to win xxx” …ultimately for your brand to give thanks for those liking your fan page, sharing and contributing to the conversation.

Contest entries may only be submitted on your site’s pre-formatted landing page(s), and bonus entries can be collected for extra actions such as signing up for a newsletter, following on social networks and sharing to their own circles.

Rocking contests:

Implementation steps

  1. Brainstorm what kind of contest you’re going to run, upon which networks you’ll run it, what submissions consist of in order to enter, and what you want to give away. #protip: don’t give away a lame prize—offer something that people will actually get excited about.
  2. Check out the recommended tool below and begin building your giveaway or contest.
  3. Let us know when you are ready to launch your contest.
  4. We will share your campaign on your social media networks. You invite your loyal customers to participate, and email anyone else who will help you get the word out about your campaign.

Industry Tools

Both tools have a free plan to allow you to execute.

Gleam Competitions

Woobox Pick a Winner Tool

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