How to Tag a Photo on Facebook Fan Pages

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A long time ago…

Well not too long ago, but I’d say that it at least sometimes dauntingly feels like a galaxy far, far away–Facebook allowed you to easily tag your friends in your business page’s shared photos. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as opening up the photo in it’s organic state from your page’s wall and tagging your friend. You can tag a page, but you’re going to get more of a reach if you tag yourself or a person you’re connected to who potentially has a thousand+ friends on Facebook. Here’s how to tag a photo on Facebook Fan Pages.

Even up until recently, I had been asking fans to tag themselves on my fan pages. This is a slick workaround since they have to like your page to tag themselves… But let’s be realistic here; sometimes they will, sometimes they won’t, since they have to actually do something that’s technically taking an action on your business’ or personal brand’s behalf. Make it easier for them since you can now tag photos yourself and your friends may accept or deny the tag once they see it come through as a notification.

Simple fix: on your computer–not your mobile/tablet–right click  the image that you’re trying to tag and open it up in a new tab or window. Then, click the tag button, click a spot on the photo (perhaps their face) and start typing in names!

Super simple! And you’re welcome 🙂

Keep in mind you will not be able to just tag a fan unless they’re friends with your personal Facebook profile.

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