Zomalo Services

We’re Zomalo.
A marketing agency
located in Boston and Newport.

We Build Websites,
Generate Traffic &
Convert Traffic to Revenue


We’re Zomalo,

a marketing agency

located in Boston and Newport RI.

We Build Websites,

Generate Traffic,

Convert Traffic to Revenue


Your website has a job to do. Step one, define the goal. What is the goal of your website? How do you measure its success?

Clean and Simple

Focus on the essential and discard the clutter. Stand out through clean unobtrusive design – simple in theory. Our design philosophy.


Winning is a team game. We know technology, you know your business. Using a lean/scrum approach, we work quickly and efficiently together.


Your website needs to look good on different browsers, smartphones, tablets and all of the latest devices. Your message must translate across all devices.


Deep dive and learn about your ideal customers. What are their problems? How do they measure success? What do they need (that you solve) that makes their life or job easier? Learn more.

Content Creation

We write original blog posts and eBooks to educate your ideal customers. We also monitor the progress of your targeted keywords and watch your content start to rank higher in Google’s results.


By Identifying influencers and social groups that may help spread your message, we can start a dialogue. We target bloggers, Twitter wizards, Facebook, Google & LinkedIn groups, Instagram addicts, and more.


We love data! We measure every visitor to your website and where your traffic is coming from. We also see what content they’re interested in, so we can find out what’s working and focus on that. Then we keep improving. Kaizen!

Call to Action Buttons

We strategically deploy eye-catching buttons with a purpose throughout your website and blog posts with the intent to invite your visitors to take the logical next step in their buyer journey.

Landing Pages

We construct pages designed to collect your prospect’s name and email address in exchange for a valuable content offer, and add that visitor as a lead in your new CRM.

Email Nurturing

Your business is only as strong as its email list! We start to strategically segment your prospects and customers by persona. Then, market to each independently since they are not all the same.


Did we mention we love data? We track every sale on your website all the way back to the first time a customer landed on your website.

Zomalo dashboard

Measure traffic, leads, and customers by channel.