Ideal Customer Research

Why do ideal customer research?

We want to deeply understand what makes your best customers tick. With this information, we understand the motivation behind their actions, the information they need before making a go/no go decision. Armed with this research we can mold your communications to address these issues in the right places.

What is this research?

In this process, we seek out your existing and target customers and talk to them to understand their problems, challenges, and goals at a deep level. In fact, we have over 100 questions to pick from. After we have this information we build a customer persona and construct a story to experience from their perspective.

How do we do this research?

First, we talk to your best existing customers. Prior to the conversation we prepare questions and take a lot of notes during the conversation. Second, we seek out target customers and ask similar questions but try to better understand why they are not currently using your product/service.